Finance and Planning Committee

Arising out of CAROSAI’s Strategic Plan 2008-2011, it was decided that a number of committees would be established to have responsibility for various aspects of implementation of the Strategic Plan. One of these committees is the Finance and Planning Committee. It is entrusted with the responsibility of liaising with institutional bodies to raise funds and for planning activities at CAROSAI. Its goals are as follows:

  • Review membership fees
  • Review budget for Strategic Plan
  • Liaise with donors for funding

Role and Responsibilities

The overall objective of the Finance and Planning Committee is to ensure that CAROSAI has the relevant funding to support the activities of the sub-committees in fulfilling the Strategic Plan. The Finance and Planning Committee is required to:

  • Develop a comprehensive budget for implementation of the Strategic Plan. (This will require input from all other sub-committees)
  • Ascertain resource requirements of CAROSAI for Strategic Plan period;
  • Obtain work operational plans of other sub committees;
  • Liaise with external donors with regard to funding;
  • Conduct a review of the current fee structure and its intended purpose. Currently 20% is for administration and 80% is for training.
  • Report to membership on the status of funding of activities;
  • Review internal financial resources and make recommendations;
  • Report to membership on the implementation of budgeted activities;
  • Ensure audit of CAROSAI finances and report to the Congress


The outputs of the Finance and Planning Committee shall include but not limited to the following:

  • Comprehensive budget which will encompass Activities and Source of funding for each;
  • Proposed fee structure



  • The Finance and Planning Committee shall consist of five (5) members from the SAIs of Belize, Barbados, Bahamas, Jamaica and Suriname.
  • If at any time the chairperson is not able to take on the responsibilities of the Chair, then the Committee shall appoint by majority vote from among its members a Chairperson until such time as the Chair is able to resume his/her duties.
  • Members shall be appointed every three years to coincide with CAROSAI CONGRESS

Method of Work


  • The Committee shall meet twice yearly- during the Master Class and any other CAROSAI meetings where all members are present;
  • Other meetings will be held via teleconference and email etc.;
  • Next meeting for Finance Committee is to be held in Belize (Proposed)
  • At least one meeting will be held in Belize

Role of the Chair

  • Call and chair meetings;
  • Represent committee when dealing with external donors;

Method of Work

  • Committee meetings shall be held at the same venue as the meetings of the Master Classes or any other CAROSAI forum, failing which, at an alternative venue as agreed upon by the committee members or at the General Secretariat.
  • Three members shall constitute a quorum of the Finance and Planning Committee.
  • The chairperson shall issue notices, agendas and discussion documents for meetings and circulate minutes to members.
  • A representative of the General Secretariat shall provide secretarial services for committee meetings and support the host SAI with logistical arrangements (meeting rooms, meals, daily allowances, accommodation, transport etc.) where possible.


  • The committee shall design a mechanism to enable it to measure its own performance on a regular basis.
  • A report will be submitted at each SAI Heads meeting. These reports shall be published on the CAROSAI Website.